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1. How to apply for a Chinese Visa

1) Check which visa you need to get

Based on your travel purpose, determine which visa you are going to get. Read China Visa Types to select one which suits you most.

2) Prepare all documents needed

Documents required for all types of visa include passport and visa application form attached with a recently-taken photo. Besides, other supporting documents are required, but they vary according to the visa type you are applying for. 

2. Submit the application

Visit the Chinese embassy, consulate or Chinese Visa Application Center (CVASC) which serves your residence area. You can show up in person or ask an agent to do this for you. In some consular offices and CVASCs, mail service is also available.

3. Best time to apply for a China visa

The best time to apply for China visa is one or two months before your departure date. 

4. Apply for China visa in a third country

Sometimes you may need to get China visa while you are en route or residing in a third country. In this case, an invitation letter and a proof of legal stay in the country is usually needed. If you need ICTP-AP to provide an invitation letter, you need to fill the Visa Invitation Form, we will confirm your information and get in touch with you as soon as possible.