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How to see a doctor

1) Make an appointment. You are recommended to make an appointment in advance. You can make an appointment via WeChat Official Account, telephone, website, or onsite self-service machines.

2) Register. Bring your passport to register at the check-in counter and get a medical card for the first time. You can charge your medical card to pay for visits to doctors.

3) See a doctor. After registration, go to the waiting room and wait for your name to be called along with your doctor's room number.

4) Pick up your prescriptions. If your doctor prescribes medications, please return to the lobby and use the medical card to pay for the pharmacy items on the automated machine. Next wait for your name to be called before going to the pharmacy window to pick up your prescriptions.


Tips: If you don't speak Chinese, it would be helpful to have a Chinese-speaking colleague or friend to go with you to help you through these steps.




Here are some hospitals for your reference and you may want to keep all receipts of any treatment and service received for insurance reimbursement.

Nearby hospitals for your reference:

  1. Bejing Zhongguancun Hospital(北京市中关村医院)

Address: 12 Zhongguancun South Rd, Haidian海淀区中关村南路12(Zhongguancun Subway Station C3 Southeast Entrance & Exit Pedestrian 490 Meters)

  1. Peking University Third Hospital (北京大学第三医院)

Address: 49 Huayuan North Rd., Haidian District(海淀区花园北路49号)

Website: https://www.puh3.net.cn/english/

Emergency Phone Number: +86-10-62017691

  1. Beijing Haidian Hospital/Haidian Section of Peking University Third Hospital (北京海淀医院/北京大学第三医院海淀院区)



Address29 Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District (海淀区中关村大街29号)

Emergency Phone Number: +86-10-82693540

International Hospitals for your reference:

  1. Peking University International Hospital (北京大学国际医院)


The International Medical Center of Peking University International Hospital offers outpatient service for foreigners. Free English-Chinese translation is provided for international patients. The clinic is open in the morning from Monday to Friday (8:00am-12:00am). 


Address: No. 1, Life Park Road, Zhongguancun Life Science Park, Changping DistrictBeijing (北京市昌平区中关村生命科学园生命园路)

Tel: +86-10-69006900

Website: https:/www.pkuih.edu.cn/

  1. International Department of China-Japan Friendship Hospital

Address: No.2 Yinghuayuan East Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Tel: 010-84205071; 010-64282297

Emergency Tel: 010-84206498

• OASIS International Hospital (北京明德医院)

Address: No. 9 Jiuxianqiao North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100015

Tel: 400-8762-747

24/7 ER: +86 10 59850333

Website: https://www.oasishealth.cn/l-en/index.html

• Beijing United Family Hospital (北京和睦家医院)

United Family Healthcare is a pioneering, international-standard health system providing comprehensive, integrated healthcare in a uniquely warm, caring, patient service-oriented environment. It has many branches in Beijing and the nearest one is Wudaokou Clinici which is staffed by bilingual doctors and nurses who are committed to providing the high-quality, international-standard care unique to United Family.

Clinic hours: Monday to Sunday, 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Address: 1st Floor, Building D, Tsinghua Tongfang Hi-Tech Plaza, 1 Wangzhuang Lu, Haidian District, Beijing 

Service Center: 4008-919191

24-hour Emergency Hotline: +86-10-59277120

Website: https://beijing.ufh.com.cn/?lang=en



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