The International Centre for Theoretical Physics Asia-Pacific held the annual conference in Beijing from 25th to 26th November, 2023.


The International Governing Board of ICTP-AP was held at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) on the morning of 25th November and the director of the Bureau of Frontier Sciences and Education, CAS, Su Gang attended the conference and delivered an opening remark on behalf of Chang Jin, the President of the International Governing Board of ICTP-AP. Director Su Gang extended a warm welcome to the participants and introduced the outcomes and progress that CAS has achieved in the area of basic sciences and international exchanges and cooperation. He also emphasized that we should leverage the role that ICTP-AP has played as an international organization to promote the internationalization of CAS and expand the international influence of CAS, enhance basic research, and take a lead in international science and technology highlands.

Wei-Dong Liu, director of the Bureau of International Cooperation of CAS and General Secretary of the International Governing Board, Professor Fernando Quevedo, the president of the International Science Council of ICTP-AP, Professor Ralf Kaiser, the senior coordinator of ICTP and Dr. Li Li, the senior project consultant for natural science of UNESCO in Beijing Office, the vice director of the National Natural Science Foundation of China(NSFC), Yong-Tao Zhang, Vice President of UCAS, Guo-Qiang Yang, and the director of ICTP-AP, vice academic president of UCAS, Professor Yue-Liang, Wu and representatives from the governing board attended the conference. We also invited the director of International Affairs Office of UCAS, Yong Xie and vice director of ICTP-AP, Song He to attend the conference as observers.


Director Wei-Dong Liu hosted the conference and said that CAS will continue to carry out international talent exchanges, strengthen international cooperation in frontiers cross-disciplinary and large science equipment and organize activities, such as Science and Technology Training Class for BRI and Developing Countries. Vice director Yong-Tao Zhang said that NSFC is planning to set up a special division that focuses on international cooperation so as to support international organizations such as ICTP-AP and more young foreign scholars and talents to come to China to carry out scientific research and cooperation. Dr. Li Li mentioned that UNESCO is dedicated to promoting academic activities to primary and middle school students and college students in the Asia-Pacific region, and hopes that ICTP-AP would join the activity and contribute to the SDGs.


The IGB deliberated on the progress report of ICTP-AP from 2019 to 2023 and its middle and long-term development plan, discussed on issues, including cooperation and exchange, talent cultivation and platform establishment, etc. The governing board also advised on the new members of the ISC and showed support towards the cooperation and exchanges of ICTP-AP at home and abroad as well as its establishment of ICTP-AP branches.

The International Science Council was held on the evening of 25th November, 12 ISC members participated in the conference online or offline. Director of ICTP-AP gave a report on the scientific research progress, international and domestic academic exchanges, talent recruitment and cultivation, outreach activities of ICTP-AP. During the conference, Professor Zi-Ren Luo also introduced the latest progress of Taiji Laboratory, which is established under the support of ICTP-AP and Professor Chao-Qiang Geng talked about the School of Fundamental Physics and Mathematics of Hangzhou Institute for Advanced Study (HIAS) of UCAS. Members of ISC had an in-depth discussion on the report of ICTP-AP and its development plan for the next stage and they gave many suggestions on the research direction and international cooperation as well as talent cultivation. Members of ISC also nominated the new members for ISC.

ICTP-AP has held the Forum on Fundamental Physics in Yanqi Lake Campus on 26th November. Professor Fernando Quevedo, president of the ISC of ICTP-AP and Professor Kimyeong Lee, vice president of KIAS, Professor Poul Henrik Damgaard, founding and current director of Niels Bohr International Academy, and Professor Yue-Liang Wu, director of ICTP-AP have given keynote speeches. Eight young teachers from ICTP-AP and School of Fundamental Physics and Mathematics of HIAS have given academic reports on the forum. 


The foreign guests also visited the Yanqi Lake Campus and School History Museum during the meeting to learn more about the development history and vision of UCAS.