The last sub-forum of the Frontiers on Quanta-Cosmos Physics Forum has been successfully held in Nanjing University (Suzhou Campus) on October 24th, 2023. This event is one of the China’s IYBSSD serial activity, and it’s themed on Fundamental Physics and Quantum Century, hosted by ICTP-AP, ITP CAS, HIAS and Nanjing University.


CAS academician Yue-Liang Wu, director of ICTP-AP and academic vice president of UCAS, has been devoted to the research in basic theories in gravity and hyper unified field theory. He borrowed this opportunity to send his recent publication Foundations of the Hyper-unified Field Theory to his alma mater Nanjing University. Professor Wu said that this book is the fruit of his scientific career over the past four decades after his graduation and he is very glad to express his gratitude to his alma mater with his most satisfying research outcome for the cultivation of Nanjing University.

The forum is hosted by Professor Yongliang Ma from Nanjing University and Jinyan Liu from the Institute for the History of Natural Sciences, CAS. Director of the research centre for the history of science and technology from Nankai University Baichun Zhang, Professor Shiyu from University of Chinese Science and Technology, Professor Hui Liu, Vice President of the School of Physics from Nanjing University, and CAS academician Yueliang Wu from UCAS have delivered wonderful and insightful speeches at the forum, attracting thousands of viewers online and offline.


At the closing ceremony, director of the ICTP-AP office, Dr. Min Zhang gave a speech to make an overview of this activity. This sub-forum marked the closure of the IYBSSD2022-2023 activity in China since its beginning in June, 2022. Over the past years, ICTP-AP has worked with Shandong University, Hunan University, Nanjing University and other partner institutes to organize and host a total of six sub forums, inviting 30 scientists to discuss on frontiers of basic science and human development. This activity has attracted 1.5 million people online and offline.