The 3rd China Space Science Assembly was unveiled on 15th October,2023 in Huzhou city, East China's Zhejiang province. The assembly is themed on “Innovation-led, data-driven, promote high-quality development of Space Science”, and scientists are exchanging views on the latest progress, major achievements and frontier trends of space science in order to promote the cross-disciplinary integration and fast development of China’s Space Science and Technology.

Taiji Laboratory of Gravitational Wave Universe hosted a special forum on "Space-based Gravitational Wave Detection and Precision Measurement and Gravitational Cosmology". CAS academicians Wang Jianyu and Wu Yueliang are the conveners of the forum, and they discussed the latest research progress in the field of space gravitational waves and provided guidance on the future direction of the research in gravitational wave detection, precision measurement and gravitational cosmology.

Professor Feng Longlong, Researcher Bi Xiaojun, Researcher Tong Minglei, Researcher Han Wenbiao, Professor Zhou Zebing and Professor Wu Shufan were invited to give wonderful reports at the parallel session of the space science, and more than 30 young scholars, including Wang He and Liu Jing, special research assistants of ICTP-AP, made reports on their own research work.

Tong Minglei

Liu Jing

Wang He