The 2023 Track and Field Sports Game was held on October 13th to 14th,2023. The opening ceremony was held on the morning of 13th October and 44 square teams composed of the students and faculty of different departments and schools of UCAS presented their performances on the playground. This year, ICTP-AP made its debut at the opening ceremony with 15 faculty including professors, postdocs and administrative staff and 20 students walking in the square team. 


On the morning of 13th October, women's100 meter, women's 400 meter final and long jump was held. Athletes of ICTP-AP spared no effort in their games and has won prizes for the center. Dr. Yinghui Liu has won the third prize in long jump and postfoc Shuang Wang has won the champion of the 100 final, breaking the record of UCAS and Dr. Haihong Jia ranked the eighth in the long jump. What’s more, the student of ICTP-AP, Qiyan Zhang has won the champion of the 400 meters final and broke the record of UCAS.

Shuang Wang

Qiyan Zhang

Yinghui Liu(on the right)

Haihong Jia

In the afternoon, an unexpected hailstone fall interrupted the game and the events were postponed to the night. On the second day of the game, the famous sports commentator Qiaosheng Han, a famous sports commentator was invited to the campus and broadcasted the game live and cheered for the athletes. The men’s 4×100 meters relay was held on the morning of 14th October and students team from ICTP-AP ranked the sixth. 

Qiaosheng Han

(from the left to the right) Manjia Liang, Yuchen Zhou, Chong Lei, Yuanjie Li, Qimin Song