On September 6th,2023, Ms. Meng Fanzi, the media and liaison secretary of the International Centre of Theoretical Physics (ICTP-AP), UCAS and the student affair secretary Ms. Zhang Le hosted an orientation for the class of 2023 and celebrated the beginning of a new academic year. All the 14 fresh graduates attended the orientation.

During this orientation, Ms. Meng first extended a warm welcome to the students on behalf of the faculty of ICTP-AP and delivered a detailed introduction of UCAS and ICTP-AP to the students from various aspects, including the development of ICTP-AP and rules and regulations of UCAS. She hoped that the students could adapt to the new environment and their new identity in their academic and daily life. She also encouraged the students to participate in the popularization of science during their spare time. 


After Ms. Meng’s introduction, Ms. Zhang also inspired the students to remain positive during their life, especially when they encountered any difficulty in the future. She shared a few interesting and exciting traditional events held annually on the campus and encouraged students to take part in after-class activities with friends and students from all across the country and the world. 

Students showed great curiosity and an enormous sense of exploration in their study and life ahead of them. Some raised question about how to become a doctoral student in the future and some asked about how to learn English well and be prepared for the application of international exchange programs, from their questions, we could see the infinite potential and hope in them. 


Aiming to help the students better fit in the new environment, this orientation enables students to know better about each other and ICTP-AP, and solidates their bond with each other. We wish every student well in the months to come and look forward to everything that they’ll accomplish together. 

             Photo taken by Gao Qiyuan, a fresh student of ICTP-AP