The opening ceremony of the 2023 ICTP-AP Summer School hosted by the International Centre of Theoretical Physics-Asia Pacific (ICTP-AP) of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) and the Taiji Laboratory for Gravitational Wave Universe has been held successfully on June 30th on Zhongguancun Campus, with students coming from 21 different universities across the country. 

At the beginning of the ceremony, Ms Meng Fanzi, the media and public relations secretary of the ICTP-AP office has given a brief welcome to all the students participating in the event. 


After that, Dr. Ming Zhang, the director of the ICTP-AP Office, on behalf of the ICTP-AP faculty, has given a warm welcome to all the students and delivered a speech on the history and development of the ICTP-AP as well as its training characteristics. He also mentioned about the distinguished professors of the center and introduced the administrative staff to the students. At the end of his speech, Dr. Zhang wished everyone a great experience during their stay here.


After Dr. Zhang’s detailed and vivid description, all the students knew more about the center and raised many questions about UCAS and the centre. 



After the introduction by the faculty of ICTP-AP, students started to introduce themselves about where do they come from, what they like and what are their research interest. Some students also expressed their wish to become a member of the ICTP-AP in the future. 



After their various and funny self-introductions, faculty of the ICTP-AP Office handed out to the students a blind box, from which the students could find their small group as well as the topic for group discussion for the next few days. Through this way, the students felt more connected to each other and became closer with one another. After drawing the group names from the box, students found their own groups and gathered together and started a heated discussion with their group members. 



As time goes by, the opening ceremony ended in joyous and cheerful atmosphere and everyone is looking forward to the coming academic and people-to-people exchange in the coming days.