The Asia-Pacific School and Workshop on Gravitation and Cosmology (APSW-GC) has been held in the “Eco·Economy” Senior Talent Hub by the side of beautiful Qiandao Lake in Chun’an County, Hangzhou from May 14 to May 22, 2023. This 9-day long school is organized by the International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP-AP) and co-hosted by the Asia-Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (APCTP), Hangzhou Institute for Advanced Study of UCAS, Institute of Theoretical Physics of CAS, National Astronomical Observatories, CAS and Zhejiang University of Technology.

What’s worth mentioning is that there were over ten invited foreign physicists coming from afar and giving lectures on gravity cosmology, including gravitational wave and basic physics, black hole physics, dark matter and dark energy, inflation and cosmology. This event also provided a platform for the experts and scholars from China and overseas to exchange their academic ideas with each other so as to promote the academic cooperation among scientists and the training of graduate and doctoral students in the Asia-Pacific Region in the field of gravitation and cosmology

The APSW-GC 2023 was held in the “Eco·Economy” Senior Talent Hub by the side of beautiful Qiandao Lake and participants all enjoyed the pleasant environment and cultural atmosphere of the place. Professor Robert Mann from University of Waterloo in Canada and Professor Sang Pyo Kim from Kunsan Naional University in South Korea who came to the Chun’an county for the first time, said that “we didn’t feel any foreignness here, yet we felt comfortable and relaxed, just like at home. We could breathe the wild nature and it’s really suitable for academic research here”. 

It is believed that this school and workshop will continue to strengthen the cooperation and exchange between the ICTP-AP and distinguished universities across the world and expand its international influence.