The sub-forum of the Forum on Frontiers of Quanta to Cosmos Physics has been successfully held in Shandong University (Qingdao Campus) from March 4th to March 5th in 2023. This forum is hosted by the International Center for Theoretical Physics-Asia Pacific (ICTP-AP) of UCAS, the Institute of Theoretical Physics (ITP) of CAS, Hangzhou Institute for Advanced Study of UCAS, and organized by Shandong University. This sub forum focused on the theme of "Gravitational Wave and Precision Measurement Physics" and "Dark Universe and Black Hole Physics", and it has been broadcasted live on several online platforms, with over 400,000 audience watching online.

Han Jianxin, the executive vice president of Shangdong University stated that quanta to cosmos physics is of great significance in promoting the development of physics and he hopes that this forum will provide an opportunity for experts and scholars to exchange academic views and seek cooperation with each other.

Yueliang Wu, the vice president of academic affairs from UCAS said that currently, China has attached great importance to the development of basic science and CAS is the sole organization that acts as the Advisory Committee and Steering Committee for the International Year of Basic Sciences (IYBSS) in China, and therefore CAS values it a lot and has given strong support to it. Theoretical physics can be considered as the basic of basic sciences and its development has driven a series of scientific revolutions and promoted the progress of our society.

The first lecturer Yueliang Wu has talked about the Taiji Program in Space, a space gravitational wave detection plan of our nation, and discussed the major scientific breakthroughs that could be brought by relative research.

Reviewing the history and exploring unknowns, the 12 invited scientists has brought us a feast of cutting-edge physics from quanta to cosmos and jointly discussed about the important role of basic sciences for sustainable development.

In the era of rapid development of physics, we are looking forward to more young talents joining the scientific research of cutting-edge physics in the future, exploring uninhabited areas, exploring unknown theories, solving science and technology difficulties, and contributing their wisdom and strength to the  development of science.