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Huaike Guo
  Huaike Guo
Room209, Building 7, No.80, Zhongguancun East Street, Haidian DIST, Beijing, China

Work experience

2021 - 2022University of Utah, Postdoctoral Research Associate

2018 - 2021, University of Oklahoma, Postdoctoral Research Associate,

2016 - 2018, Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences,Postdoc Researcher

 Gravitational Wave Detection at LIGO

    ◦ LIGO detector characterization (noise analysis)

    ◦ Searches for gravitational waves from cosmological first order phase transitions

    ◦ Searches for gravitational waves from cosmic strings

    ◦ Anisotropy of stochastic gravitational waves

  Gravitational Waves from Cosmological First Order Phase Transitions

    ◦ Understanding and modelling of gravitational wave production mechanisms

    ◦ Phenomenological studies of various new physics models

    ◦ Gravitational wave and collider complementarity

  Dark Matter Detection (especially with gravitational waves)

    ◦ Searches for dark photon dark matter with LIGO data

    ◦ Searches for exotic compact objects with extreme mass ratio inspirals (EMRIs)

    ◦ Searches for exotic compact objects with mini-EMRIs

    ◦ Searches for axion-like particles with X-ray and Gamma ray spectra from Magnetars