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Education Background

Sep, 2007-- June, 2010  Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, CAS PhD   
Sep, 2004-09--June, 2007  Capital Normal University   Master 
Sep, 2002--June, 2003   Peking University    Master 
Sep, 1998--June, 2002-06   Sun Yat-sen University, Bachelor 

Work Experience 

April, 2020--Present       Institute of Mechanics, CAS, Research Fellow
Dec, 2016-- April, 2020   Institute of Mechanics, CAS, Research Associate
March, 2015--Dec, 2016 Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics,  Postdoctoral Fellow 
May, 2013--Dec, 2014     Institute of Mechanics, CAS, Research Associate
Aug, 2010-- May, 2013  Institute of Mechanics, CAS, Postdoctoral Fellow

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