International Journal of Modern Physics A

Volume 36, Issue 11n12 (30 April 2021)

Special Issue on Taiji Program in Space for Gravitational Universe with the First Run Key Technologies Test in Taiji-1

      世界科学出版社的《现代物理国际期刊》(International Journal of Modern Physics A)以专辑形式发布了来自180余位研究人员,30余家合作单位的研究成果,以及“太极一号”卫星更为详尽的实验结果。本专辑的论文涵盖了干涉仪系统、引力参考传感器、微推进系统、无拖曳控制、超稳超静卫星技术等,并详细介绍了“太极一号”数据处理流程。

S/NTitleAuthorsYearVolume and Page
1The pilot of Taiji program—From the ground to Taiji-2 The Taiji Scientific Collaboration2021,36,11 & 12, 2102001 (6 pages)
2Taiji program in space for gravitational universe with the first run key technologies test in Taiji-1 The Taiji Scientific Collaboration2021,36,11 & 12,2102002 (2 pages)
3Successful Application of Optical Bench in Taiji-1 Laser InterferometerThe Taiji Scientific Collaboration2021,36,11 & 12,2140001 (15 pages)
4Exploration of the coupling between thrust and interference in Taiji-1The Taiji Scientific Collaboration2021,36,11 & 12,2140002 (11 pages)
5Preliminary simulation analysis of the temperature fluctuation effect on Taiji-1 laser interferometerXiaoqin Deng,Yu Niu2021,36,11 & 12,2192001 (2 pages)
6In-orbit performance of the laser interferometer of Taiji-1 experimental satellite.Heshan Liu, Sha Wei, Ziren Luo*.2021,36,11 & 12,2140004 (8 pages)
7The phasemeter of Taiji-1 experimental satelliteZiren Luo, Tao Yu, Heshan Liu.2021,36,11 & 12,2140005 (7 pages)
8High stability laser source for Taiji-1 satelliteGuangwei sun, dijun chen, weibiao chen2021,36,11 & 12,2140006 (7 pages)
9A spaceborne neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet laser with nonplanar-ring-oscillator configurationJ. Peng, L. Liufeng,and L. Chen2021,36,11 & 12,2140007 (7 pages)
10Development and on orbit test of Taiji-1 inertial referenceWang, Z. , and J. G. Lei2021 Vol. 36, No. 11n12, 2140008 
11Electronic noise analysis and in-orbit resolution verification of an electrostatic accelerometer Zuo-Lei Wan and Jian Min2021,36,11 & 12,2140009 (9 pages)
12Implementation of High-precision Inertial Reference for Taiji-1 Satellite and Its Ground Evaluation Based on Torsion Pendulum SystemHua-Dong Li, Zhi Wang2021,36,11 & 12,, 2140010
13Performance tests and simulations for Taiji-1 inertial sensor Jian Min, Jun-Gang Lei,et al.2021,36,11 & 12,2140011 (13 pages)
14Adaptive preload controller design and analysis for electrostatic suspension systemYukun Wang and Zhi Wang2021,36,11 & 12,2140012 (14 pages)
15First result of orbit verification of Taiji-1 hall micro thruster.Xu S Y , Xu L X , Cong L X , Qiao C F.2021,36,11 & 12,2140013 (16 pages)
16Ground performance tests and evaluation of RF ion microthrusters for Taiji-1 satelliteJian-Wu He, Li Duan  and Qi Kang2021,36,11 & 12,2140014 (11 pages)
17A torsional thrust stand for measuring the thrust response time of micro-Newton thrustersChao Yang, Jian-Wu He, Li Duan* and Qi Kang2021,36,11 & 12,2140015 (17 pages)
18Ground semi-physical simulation experiment study of one-dimensional drag-free control Chu Zhang,Qi Kang2021,36,11 & 12,2140016 (24 pages)
19The impact of neutralizer-free ignition of a radio frequency ion thruster on the lifetime of the ion optics system Long-Fei Ma, Qi Kang2021,36,11 & 12,2140017 (13 pages)
20Design of high-resolution flow sensor used in cold gas micro propulsion system Xiaocheng Zhu,Xiaoliang Guo2021,36,11 & 12,2140018 (12 pages)
21The drag-free control design and in-orbit experimental results of “Taiji-1”Zhiqiang Hu, Pengcheng Wang, Yueliang Wu, Qi Kang,Yonghe Zhang2021,36,11 & 12,2140019 (16 pages)
22Satellite architecture and preliminary in-orbit experiment of Taiji-1Zhiming Cai, Jianfeng Deng, Jinpei Yu, Huawang Li,Xingjian Shi2021,36,11 & 12,2140020 (14 pages)
23Key technologies analysis and design of ultra-clean & ultra-stable spacecraft for gravitational wave detectionKun Chen, Xiaofeng Zhang, Tong Guo, Zhi-Ming Cai2021,36,11 & 12,2140021 (11 pages)
24Temperature stability of the Taiji-1 satellite in operational orbitXiaofeng Zhang, Hong Liang, Heping Tan, Jinchao Feng, Huawang Li2021,36,11 & 12,2140022 (13 pages)
25Testing, modeling and estimation of Taiji-1’s in-orbit magnetic parameters magnetic parametersXingjian Shi* and Zhiming Cai2021,36,11 & 12,2140023 (7 pages)
26A temperature measurement system with high resolution and low noiseBing Zhang, Xiaoyi Zhu, Xiaofeng Zhang, Bing Xue, Hong Liang, Jiang Li, Peng Su2021,36,11 & 12,2140024 (10 pages)
27The pipeline of data processing for TAIJI-1 space mission in the TAIJI program for the detection of gravitational waveHongbo Jin, Peng Xu2021,36,11 & 12,2140025 (18 pages)
28System modeling in data processing of Taiji-1 missionXiaodong Peng, Hongbo Jin, Peng Xu and et. al.2021,36,11 & 12,2140026 (23 pages)
29Erratum Preliminary simulation analysis of the temperature fluctuation effect on Taiji-1 laser interferometerXiaoqin Deng,Yu Niu2021,36,11 & 12,2192001 (2 pages)