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Checklist before travel to China

Important documents (with at least 2 photocopies):

• Valid passport and visa;

• Visa application materials;

• Invitation Letter from Peking University ("F" Visa);

• Confirmation Letter for High-Level Foreign Experts ("R" Visa);

• Notification Letter of Foreigner's Work Permit ("Z" Visa);

• Some 2-inch photos with a white background (You can also have these taken at the photo studioon the PKU campus) ;

• Physical examination record (original, if available);

• Marriage certificate and birth certificate of your accompanying family members with their translated Chinese version (if necessary).

Other items:

• Adaptor plug(s), the common power voltage in China is 220 Volt 50 Hz AC,the two kinds of sockets widely used are type A and type I;

• Medicines for common emergencies and medical prescriptions (if needed);

• An internationally-accepted credit card, such as Visa or Master Card;

• Some cash in RMB.

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