Date:  08 Dec. 2022, 10:00am

Speaker: Li Li (李理)

Affiliation: ITP, CAS

Tencent/VooV Meeting ID: 973-6909-6865

Online Meeting Link:


As an important prediction of general relativity, the existence of black holes has been confirmed by experiments and observations. While the exterior physics of black holes has been extensively investigated in the literature, the inner structure of black holes behind the event horizon has not been well understood. In this talk, I will introduce our recent progress toward understanding the interior of black holes, including the no inner-horizon theorem, the interior dynamics of a hairy black hole, and the constraint on the number of horizons with energy conditions.

Introduction of Speaker:

李理,中国科学院理论物理研究所副研究员,国科大杭州高等研究院基础物理与数学科学学院双聘教授。2014-2016年任希腊里克特大学博后研究员。2016-2019年在美国里海大学任博后助理研究员2019年至今任中国科学院理论物理研究所副研究员。研究领域主要包括引力理论、黑洞物理以及引力基本性质,取得了具有国际影响力的成果。在PRL、JHEP、PRD rapid communication等国际学术刊物发表论文40余篇,被高能物理INSPIRE数据库统计文章总引用1500次以上,H因子22。被JHEP、PLB等国际期刊邀请担任审稿人,多次受邀在国际会议和国际知名大学做邀请报告。