Date: 27 October 2022, 10:00

Speaker: Yi Pang(庞毅)

Affiliation:Tianjin University

Tencent/VooV Meeting ID: 973-6909-6865

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In this talk, I will first review how to construct the leading stringy corrections to Einstein gravity in D=6 using off-shell supergravity techniques. Then I will utilize them to compute leading corrections to the entropy of 3-charge black strings. I will compare the results obtained from different methods and pin down the correct one which is consistent with IIA/Heterotic duality in 6-dimensions.


报告人长期从事经典和量子引力的研究,特别注重于采用对称性方法研究引力模型的特性。其中的一个重要方向是爱因斯坦引力的超对性扩充--超引力。报告人已在领域内重要期刊 Physical Review Letters, JHEP, Physical Review D, Physics Letters B 等发表近50篇学术论文,他人引用一千多次。2016年获得德国洪堡学者。2018年获得英国皇家学会牛顿学者。在2016年意大利伽利略研究所举办的“超引力四十年”大会(每十年一届的大会)受邀做三十分钟报告。