Date: 20 October 2022, 16:00

Speaker: Karapet Mkrtchyan

Affiliation: Imperial College London

Tencent/VooV Meeting ID: 973-6909-6865

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Present a new approach to field theory (initiated by me recently and developed further with collaborators), where electric-magnetic dual fields enter on the same footing. This approach allows us to write manifestly Lorentz covariant Lagrangians for free chiral p-form fields and introduce interactions for them. Using this formulation, we are able to reformulate non-linear electrodynamics so that both electric and magnetic gauge potentials enter the Lagrangian and the equations of motion, allowing the construction of arbitrary electric-magnetic duality symmetric theories in d=3+1. The special feature of this approach is the auxiliary "clone" fields (exact copy of the gauge sector) that enter the Lagrangian but can be gauged away on-shell. I detail the new results achieved in this formulation and the advantages compared to other known formulations.