Date: 1st July 2022, 14:00am

Speaker: Qiang Wen 文强

Affiliation: Southeast University

Tencent/VooV Meeting ID: 778-9225-7517      

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Firstly, we will introduce the concept of the balanced partial entanglement entropy (BPE) and how to compute it. Let us consider a mixed state A \cup B in two dimensional theories, we will show that the BPE exactly gives the length of the entanglement wedge cross-section in both AdS/CFT and 3d flat holography. The BPE reduces to the reflected entropy in canonical purifications, but can be calculated in generic purifications. It can be decomposed into the mutual information and an additional universal tripartite entanglement (which is known as the Markov gap in the canonical purification) when A and B are adjacent. We find that the universal tripartite entanglement is just the minimal value of the crossing PEE. The BPE is conjectured to be independent from the purifications, and we will give serval non-trival tests for this conjecture.