Date: 16 June 2022, 10:00am

Speaker:  Song He (何松)

Affiliation: Jilin University

Tencent/VooV Meeting ID: 778-9225-7517      

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The Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) phase diagram involves the behaviors of strongly interacting matter under extreme conditions and remains an important open problem. Based on the non-perturbative approach from the gauge/gravity duality, we construct a family of black holes that provide a dual description of the QCD phase diagram at finite chemical potential and temperature. The thermodynamic properties of the model are in good agreement with the state-of-the-art lattice simulations. We then predict the location of the critical endpoint and the first-order phase transition line. Moreover, we present the energy spectrum of the stochastic gravitational-wave background associated with the QCD first-order transition, which is found to be detected by IPTA and SKA, while by NANOGrav with less possibility. If the time is allowed, we will present how to construct a holographic model for a pure gluon system.