The 649th session of Xiangshan Science Conferences (XSSC) on Chinese Space Gravitational Wave Detection Mission and International Alliance for Collaboration will be held at the picturesque Xiangshan (Fragrant Hills), a famous scenic spot in the northwestern suburbs of Beijing on April.17-18th, 2019.


The objectives of this session is to bring together leading experts in gravitational wave physics and gravitational wave detection to present the latest research advances and to discuss possible collaborations on Chinese gravitational wave detection project. We will invite Prof. Wu wen-rui, Prof. Wu yue-liang, Prof. Luo jun, Prof. Zhang wu-zhong, Prof. CAI rong-gen and Prof. Ye chao-hui as executive chairmen of the conference.


Scholars and experts from different fields would be invited to have in-depth discussions on: Missions, Strategies and Plans of Chinese Gravitational Wave Detection Project, Frontiers of Science and Technology in Gravitational Wave Detection, International Collaborations on Gravitational Wave Detection.


Welcome all scholars to join us. If you want to attend it, please send your information to the mail,, before March 29th .