To commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, the International Conference on Gravity and Cosmology and the Fourth Galileo-XU GUANGQI Conference, sponsored by the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Institute of  Theoretical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and hosted by UNESCO International Centre forTheoretical Physics (Asia Pacific), will be held in the lecture hall of the Teaching Building of Zhongguancun campus of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences on May 


The conference mainly focuses on the theory of gravity, cosmology and astrophysics, which are closely related to general relativity, including the theory of gravity, cosmology, astrophysics, quantum gravity, numerical general relativity, gravitational wave detection, dark matter, dark energy and many other research topics.


The guests attending the meeting are as follows:

Professor A. Starobinsky, Winner of the Gruber and Kavli awards

Professor R. Ruffini, Director of International Centre for Astrophysics, Italy

Prof. M. Sasaki, Cosmologist, Director, Institute of Theoretical Physics, Yukawa, Japan

Dr. A. Ashtekar, Gravitologist, Pennsylvania state university, USA

Professor K. Lee, Vice President of Korea Institute for Advanced Study, etc


We welcome all scholars to join us. If you want to attend it, please contact with the mail,,  before April 24th .