With the promotion of the Taiji program of gravitational wave detection by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the research and development of gravitational wave detection technology, the data analysis and processing of gravitational waves, and the theoretical research related to gravitational waves have been fully carried out. In order to better train young researchers, relay the long-term mission of our country's gravitational wave detection experiment, starting in 2019, the university of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the leading institution of the project, will hold a series of summer or winter schools every year to continuously teach senior undergraduates, postgraduates and postdocs.


This is the first year of Gravitational Wave Summer School. We will invite seven experienced scientists from the research group of LISA, LIGO and TAIJI Program to give a series of lectures of gravitational wave related studies will be conducted in a week. Topics of the lectures are mainly focus on gravitational wave detection technology, gravitational wave source and data analysis and processing.


Secretary-General of Taiji Consortium, prof. Congfeng Qiao (College of Physics, UCAS) and member of KAGRA, prof. Hongbo Jin (National Astronomical Observatory), organize this summer school. 

The summer school will invite experienced lecturers from domestic and aboard, they are: 

Antoine Klein (University of Birmingham, Member of LISA)

Peng Xu (Lanzhou Univ., Member of Taiji’)

Wenbiao Han (Shanghai Astronomical Observator, Member of ‘Taiji)

Yueliang Wu (UCAS, Chief Scientist of Taiji Project)

Yunyong Wang (Institute of High Energy Physics, Member of LSC)

Zhihui Du (Tsinghua Univ., Member of LSC)

Zhoujian Cao (Beijing Normal Univ., Member of Taiji)


A series of lectures of gravitational wave related studies are conducted in five days from July 8th to 12th.  We welcome students from universities and research institutes to participate in this short-term training.